Classes Lake Shore Students Want


Ella Mainhardt, Staff Writer

At Lake Shore we are given the chance to choose our own exploratories and CTE classes, but as much freedom as that gives us students, there aren’t as many options as should be available.

Isabella Figurski, a sophomore at Lake Shore, said, “I like the art classes we have, I like painting and that we have control over what we wanna do. We are given an assignment and we are able to do it how we want it, and I think I like that freedom.”

Figurski continues, “I’d like to see a Criminal Justice class that kind of goes in depth with things like unsolved crimes.”

Although we want more class options, that would mean we need more teachers who are able to teach these classes. 

Figurski adds, “I’d wanna see Mrs. Lebiecki teaching this class, since she’s expressed interest in teaching it before, and she was the one who kind of came up with that idea.”

Annabella Misuraca, a sophomore, said, “I wish they had a culinary class that was done at the school. They have something at a different school, but some students aren’t able to get the transportation and it would be easier done at the home school.”

Culinary classes are CTE classes usually held at South Lake. So, this is an option for students but not all are able to get the transportation needed to get to between schools.

Throughout the week asking students in hallways the question of which classes they wish Lake Shore there were a lot of consistencies. Most votes were for engineering classes, music classes, drama classes, loads of ideas surrounding different arts.

These extracurricular classes have huge impacts on students, even deciding some of their future careers. Hopefully, more ideas can be heard within these students and taken into action. 

Offering more options will lead to more students finding what they want in life and creating more opportunities for them to succeed.