Strict Vs. Non-Strict Parents


Ayden Heuer, Staff Writer

Parents have a lot of control over how their children can experience high school and the things that come along with it. There is an array of parents with different policies for their kids and they enforce them in different ways.

Ermal Hodo, a sophomore, says his mom isn’t very strict. He said, “Yes, there is a time for education, but some parents think that’s all it’s supposed to be.”

Hodo, as a student who has maintained good grades throughout his whole life, not just high school, has been able to experience all the things a high schooler would want. He also has the freedom of hanging out with his friends.

Hodo continued, “ It wouldn’t benefit my education but it would make me tougher.”

So the strictness of parents might create a tougher student, but what about as a person?

Although strict parents benefit lots of kids, sophomore Ava Maison said, “ I think my parents are strict because they want to show they care about me but could easily do it in a different way. Parents always want the best for their kids but don’t always do it in the best way that works for their kids.

Maison also said, “When my parents are strict, I feel like they don’t trust me at all and want me to do everything their way.”

When trying to show love and care for their child, they instead make them feel controlled and untrusted. When we think of how this could affect their high school experience it helps us get into a better point of view. As just stated, we see that strict parents can make a kid feel isolated or like their hardest might not be good enough. When students continue to bring home good grades but are not good enough for their parents it can create a rift between them. Maybe the kids with more lenient parents do take all the freedoms they have for granted and should not only appreciate their parents’ leniency more but also prove to them that they should be trusted.

On the other hand, Ava’s twin, Drew Maison has a different stance and feeling about his parents’ strictness. He said, “I think they are strict because overall they want the best for me.”
So, different from his sister, he may not be glad his parents are strict but he understands why they are and understands that most of what they do helps him. He also understands that when he does slack or gets lazy there is a more strenuous consequence than for kids who can sneak their bad grades around their parents. This creates more of an urgency to not only hold the grades higher but also be swift in bringing them back up if they do drop.

Overall, the strictness and freedoms students get from their parents can either make them feel more loved or put some of them under pressure and feel controlled.