Public Display Of Leave It At Home


Lillian McParland and De'Angelo White

Many students and staff have claimed to feel uncomfortable by what students have been seen doing in the hallways here at Lake Shore High School. Things such as making out with each other in between classes, groping each other’s body parts and tons of other activities hormonal teens may partake in.

School hallways are a place for staff and students to navigate through the school and socialize, not a place where they might feel uncomfortable coming across PDA. Regarding the amount of PDA at Lake Shore, Jersey Broughton says, “ Yes, lots of making out against lockers, mainly freshman.”

Mame Diouf followed up by saying, “It just disgusts me like why can’t you do that stuff at home in private.” Diouf added she has witnessed inappropriate behavior by some of the students such as a guy throwing his girlfriend against the locker and starting to kiss her. 

A few Lake Shore staff members believe there should be limits to what students are allowed to do. The new Lake Shore hall monitor, Stacey Zelenak stated, “not touching private parts, stuff like that I mean holding hands, kissing that I think is fine, that’s about it.” 

Other staff members such as Shannon Palmer say that holding hands is enough and it shouldn’t go any further than that. Many people can agree that it makes them uncomfortable and they should leave these activities for outside of school, Jeff Valken says, “There’s a place and time for everything.” 

Taking a different approach, Christopher Gwozdz stated, “I notice a lot more things in the hallway other than PDA, so I don’t see it as much as you guys probably do.”

Gwozdz continued by saying, “I think staff have bigger things to worry about such as the constant swearing and the hitting and antics in the hallway over PDA.”

Students at Lake Shore High School should have more respect for their teachers, staff and students. The amount of PDA is disgusting and very uncomfortable for the people around you especially at such a young age. There is a place to do that in private but PDA should be limited in the classrooms and the hallways.