Age Gap Relationships


Tyler Kiroski and Nicky Maye

People all around the world have their high school relationships. Some may last days, some last months, and some for years. But, an alarming question among high schoolers is “What is the appropriate age to date?

Students across Lake Shore have their personal opinions about what ages students are allowed to date. Starting with a Lake Shore Freshman, Arien Giannetti. With seniors dating sophomores, Giannetti said, “If a senior and a sophomore date it would be weird at first, but as long as their ages are close, then I guess it wouldn’t matter.”

This is not an issue exclusively for Lake Shore. Giannetti also said, “I don’t want to name drop but there is a girl at Anchor Bay that was dating a freshman as a junior with their 16 and 14 age gap.”

For some, that is something that is weird, but not all people in the Lake Shore building think that’s bad.

Sophomore, Alexis Paige, said, “Gap relationships aren’t that bad when they are about a two year age gap, with that being older or younger that age shouldn’t really matter.”

When talking about the larger gap of students’ ages, fifth grade and freshmen, Paige said, “That’s not really that bad, because they are still kids.” Later on she said, “But a freshman and a seventh grader would be kinda bad, but I mean, they are still kids.”

Upperclassmen also have a strong input on this topic. Students in high school don’t like to follow those rules because if they like someone they want to be with them. Junior, Macie Palacios, said, “If their ages don’t touch, then neither should they, anyone that breaks that is just a weirdo.”

Seniors, some call the leaders of the school, want to call out all the people that might do something others don’t. Senior, Cole Manor, said, “If you get a grade below or above it could be a little weird but just like others have said, as long you’re not pushing it and staying close to the grades near you, you are fine.”

Lastly, gym teacher, Benjamin Maleszyk, said,“One year gap is fine, two years is starting to push it, and three years like a senior and freshman isn’t acceptable.” 

With all of this being said, students all over Lake Shore are trying to say that you’re able to date those you would like, but keep the age gap to a minimum.