The Off-ul Vending Machines


Tyler Kiroski, Staff Writer

For years now, there have been vending machines all across the Lake Shore High School building. However, students are wondering why they are always off during school hours, including lunch. 

Students across Lake Shore would like to get a drink or a snack from the vending machines all around the school, but all vending machines are closed from 7:55 to 3:00. Any time before or after, they are open. But why?

Garth Frost, P.A.S.S. teacher, was asked his opinion of the vending machine situation.

He said, “I understand that students want to get something to drink or something to eat during the day at school, but those vending machines are causing a distraction in classes, from having students ask repeatedly to go to a vending machine for a drink. It would be better to, A, continue to keep them where they are and keep them locked during all hours of school except before or after school, or B, get rid of all of them together.”

Of course, that would be something that teachers might have said and students might not like, but they’ll have to understand. Frost also was making apparent that all students are all different and they might not be able to have extra spending money for those machines. 

“Students really shouldn’t always have to get things from the vending machines, but if they really need something, the main office is able to supply a student a beverage or a small snack,” Frost said. “Only if there is an emergency for it.”

“There is no big deal with students having water or juices, even some snacks. One of the only reasons I would agree to have those vending machines would be if they were kept only in the cafeteria and opened during lunch hours. Most importantly, the vending machines should offer things that have some sort of health benefit like those juices and snacks may have,” said Frost.

Students across Lake Shore might think that the teachers or staff that decided on this ban of vending machines during that time are bad. But, that’s not the case. The companies that own the vending machines are the ones that change the times and make the prices. As a substitute, students can grab a drink or snack before and after school before they may or may not remove them.

If you really want to get a drink, head over to the Shorian Shop during all lunches Monday to Friday, other than Wednesdays to get drinks that include Fanta, Arizona, and Kist drinks, as well as multiple different types of snacks.