SAT Prep, Are We Doing Enough?


Beau DeTar

If you spent the time asking juniors whether or not they feel prepared for the SAT, the majority of students’ answers might lean towards no. SAT testing can be a very stressful period of the year for many students and finding resources to help them study can feel like a harder task than the actual testing. With April 12th approaching fast, it may feel like the window to study is closing, but you aren’t alone in this!

Marissa White, a junior at Lake Shore said, “I have felt stressed about preparing for the SAT… I feel like I have to prepare on my own completely instead of with or in school.”

White is one of many juniors who feel this way, but the juniors aren’t the only ones at Lake Shore who have felt this way. The current seniors had to do the same thing last year. Many of them felt the same stress that juniors are feeling right now.

Mira Helsel, a senior at Lake Shore stated, “No, I feel like I didn’t know anything on the test or learn about it. I feel like we should have an SAT prep class for the kids who would want to take it.”

If you are a junior and are worried about being behind in studying, there are others who feel the same. If you are feeling stressed, try reaching out to an adult such as a counselor.

In regards to SAT stress, Anne Rancilio, a counselor at Lake Shore said, “reach out to a peer who has already taken the SAT and ask them to share their experience and any helpful tips, this might help to relieve stress or anxious feelings when preparing to take a standardized test. Also, keep in mind that you can take it again if you feel that you did not do as well the first time. Due to the pandemic, submitting SAT scores is optional at several colleges and universities meaning you are not required to submit your SAT when applying to the university. Remember to keep in mind, this has no bearing on you as far as your grades and academic performance here at Lake Shore. “

With exactly four months left until the SATs, it can feel as if they are running out of time to prepare. The majority of students have stated they rely on outside resources to study. White agreed with this statement.

She said, “I am not doing anything to actively prepare for it because Lake Shore does not offer much in regards to doing well on the SAT, nothing is done for SAT prep in school. The most I can do is attend a class outside of school and I plan on doing that. I feel that Lake Shore could do a much better job preparing juniors for the SAT, with prep classes offered like they are at other schools, workshops in the building, and providing more resources in general for students taking the SAT.”

While it may seem like study options are limited, our counselors here are Lake Shore are here to help.

Rancilio also said, “Some suggestions that might be helpful include Khan Academy; They offer excellent resources to prepare for the SAT. Next, the Macomb ISD offers four separate SAT Prep sessions. We sent this out to our LS juniors in December. Another site called, offers free SAT Prep resources. Finally, I think it is a good idea to reach out to your teachers for any suggestions they may have for preparing to take the SAT.”